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Motorcycle Insurance

Now that it is spring,  we are starting to see more  motorcycles on the road.  Which means it is time to talk about what coverage you need and where to find it at an affordable price.

In Michigan, you are required to carry motorcycle liability in order to  drive a motorcycle on the road. These liability limits should be the same as your automobile limits (if applicable). What liability does , is to protect you should you damage property or injure someone in an accident.

Unlike Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance, Personal Injury Protection is not part of a motorcycle policy. Generally speaking your automobile insurance covers your PIP, in case of an injury. In order to comply with Michigan law, you must purchase  a minimum of $20,000 in Med Pay in order to ride without a helmet. This limit is not required for those that ride with a helmet.

Physical damage coverage for motorcycles works the same as for automobiles. You can purchase coverage to repair or replace your bike should an accident occur.   Comprehensive insurance covers things like deer, theft, and vandalism. Collision covers damages caused by an accident with another vehicle or from loss of control. Accessories are generally covered for a standard amount, which can be increased to cover more expensive equipment.

We currently have four different companies to quote Motorcycles with, with special programs for Harley's , Touring Bikes, and other types of motorcycles.  These include Allstate, Foremost,  American Modern and Dairyland. You can see more about these companies on our company list

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