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Changes to Michigan No-Fault Explained

Michigan No-Fault Insurance Reform means more paperwork and a possible reduction in coverage. Depending on your health insurance - you can decrease or opt-out of Michigan No-Fault Personal Injury Protection (PIP). You can also choose your liability limits (the lowest limit now being 50,000/100,00 and default being 250,000/500,000).

You must fill out new PIP and BI limit paperwork EVERY RENEWAL.
If you have any questions about filling out this paperwork - please bring it in and we'll guide you through it.

Understanding Michigan
No-Fault Insurance

Michigan has the most comprehensive form of no-fault insurance in the US. When in an accident with a vehicle (as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian), Michigan no-fault covers your medical expenses, wage losses & damage done to another's property - regardless of who is at fault.

Bay Insurance is proud to represent no-fault insurance, since we feel that it takes the best care of those injured in an accident, period. With no-fault, you don't have to sue to get your medical expenses covered.

That being said, there is room for improvement. Michigan No-Fault is expensive and the rates just keep rising. There are many people that want to do away with Michigan No-Fault for this reason. But the truth is, by making some common sense changes, we can make the system sustainable and more affordable -

* Allow insurance companies to negotiate medical costs. Right now, procedures billed under a car accident are often billed at a much higher rate because unlike your health insurance or workmen's comp - there is no negotiating or fee schedule.

* Do not allow health insurers to exclude automobile accidents. Like Medicare and Medicaid, many health insurance groups are excluding automobile accidents from coverage.

* Prohibit politicians from using money set-aside for catastrophic claims for other purposes.

* Charge state fees when you get your tag and pay other "taxes". 

See News & Announcements
for information on reform bill  - To take affect June 2020

We will keep you updated, as we find out more details!

Personal Auto

Personal auto coverage details

Collision vs Comprehensive
& Comp Only


Collision insurance
covers your vehicle for damage as the result of a car accident with another vehicle or stationary object (think trees or walls). Collision coverage is typically required if you have a loan on your vehicle. When choosing collision insurance there are several considerations: Do I have a loan? What is the vehicle worth? Can I afford to replace my vehicle if the worst were to happen?

Broad Collision - waives the deductible if someone else was at-fault in the accident. Which means, if your run off into a ditch and hit a tree, you are at-fault in the accident since you are the only party in the accident. We highly recommend broad collision for the minimal amount you can save with Standard or Limited Collision.

Regular Collision - you are covered in an accident, based on the coverages you chose. Your deductible always applies.

Limited Collision - damage to your vehicle is only covered if someone else is responsible.

Comprehensive covers you for acts of nature and other cases that do not apply to collision insurance - like deer (accidents with other animals), trees (when they fall and hit your vehicle), hail, theft, and vandalism.

Comp Only - Comp Only is sometimes referred to as Storage. That's because it removes the liability and personal injury insurance from the vehicle, meaning it is illegal for you to drive a vehicle with Comp Only. If you have a loan on your vehicle and you are not driving it - many banks require you to carry Comp Only. Comprehensive continues to cover you for many perils, such as hail, roof collapse, theft, and vandalism.

Commercial Auto & Business Use

We write both Commercial Auto Policies and Business Use Policies

Which plan works best with your 


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